To instill the widest possible personal and communal participation at parish worship.


Altar Servers

This ministry is open to all boys and girls of the parish in grades 5 through 8. Some continue while in high school.

A desire to serve, responsibility, responsiveness and reverence are traits sought in a server. Youth servers will typically have 4-5 weekday (6:30 AM or 8:00 AM) assignments during the school year; for weekends, it is usually one every four weeks or so. Servers are expected to arrive 15 minutes before mass and stay for about 10 minutes after Mass in performing their duties.

“Seasoned Altar Servers”

Each year about 45 funerals take place at St. Katharine’s. Each requires three altar servers. So that our young altar servers do not miss a couple of hours for each, the pastor has asked that adults who have the time and inclination join the “Seasoned Servers” and serve when called. Currently, there are eight men and women involved. Each has been trained. Prior experience is not reuired; prerequisits include a willingness to serve on short notice and availability during some morning hours.

Contact the rectory for more information or to sign up.

Children's' Liturgy of the Word

Volunteers proclaim the Word of God during the 5 PM Vigil Mass and 9:30 AM Sunday Mass to children from grades K-6 according to their age level; they also lead an age-related activity. The children gather in the Parish Center after the opening prayer for the Liturgy of the Word and return to the Congregation after the General Intercessions. A volunteer typically has an assignment every 4-6 weeks.

If you would like to join this ministry, please contact Betty Sabal 610 254 9842 or Michele Staves, mcstaves@gmail.com. No experience necessary, only a love of children.

Church Environment

Anyone in the parish (high schoolers and adults) is invited to help with the adornment (banners, flowers,etc.) of our sacred space during the liturgical year. The greatest need is during the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Please contact Amy Tahtabrounian 610 688 3970.

Extraordinary Minister

What is an Extrardinary Minister of Holy Communion?

This is a ministry of lay men and women who are trained by the Archdiocesan Office for Worship and appointed by the Archbishop to serve a 3-year term of service. Eucharistic ministers help with the distribution of Holy Communion at daily and weekend Masses. In addition, they bring Holy Communion on Sundays to the residents of Wayne Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, to Bryn Mawr Hospital, and to parishioners who are homebound. Ministers of Holy Communion show the greatest reverence for the Most Holy Eucharist by their demeanor, their attire, and the manner in which they handle the consecrated bread and wine.

What are volunteers asked to do?

New members are added at the end of each year. Volunteers are asked to:

  • Distribute Communion (under either Species) at Saturday Vigil and Sunday Masses. Ministers typically serve at four to six Masses every three months (the schedule is published quarterly). This number includes Wayne Nursing, Bryn Mawr Hospital and private homes.
  • Take Communion, after 9:30 Sunday Mass, to 4-5 individual homes of parishioners unable to attend Mass.
  • Take Communion, after 9:30 Sunday Mass, to 12-15 parishioners at the Wayne Nursing Home or Bryn Mawr Hospital. Visits are scheduled immediately following the 9:30 AM Sunday Mass at which the minister served.

How do I join?

These are the desired assets for a Eucharistic Minister:

  • Registered parishioner.
  • Reverence for the Eucharist.
  • Desire to share the Gift of Eucharist with others.
  • Willingness to serve at any Saturday Vigil or Sunday Mass (not just Mass regularly attended) and to bring communion to individual homes and the Nursing Home.
  • The length of commitment is normally three (3) years unless renewed by mutual consent with Pastor.

Parish training is provided in the Fall of each year (usually in November). Diocesan training course is normally scheduled in late Spring. Check the Calendar under Eucharistic Minister Training.

If you are interested in serving, please contact us at the rectory at 610 688 4584.

What if I need a Eucharistic Minister to visit me?

Call Ruth Trainer at 610 688 0586 to schedule a visit.

Liturgical Music Ministries

What are Liturgical Music Ministries?

Liturgical Music has “…inner qualities that enable it to add greater depth to prayer, unity to the assembly, or dignity to the ritual.” ~ Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship; US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Liturgical Assembly

The music ministry at St. Katharine’s involves the efforts of many. The goal, of course, of music in worship is that everyone sings and loves to sing in praise of God. The Adult Choir sings on Sundays at the 9:30 Mass, September through June.

  • Cantors lead the congregational singing from the ambo at each Mass.
  • The Adult Choir sings at the 9:30 Mass three to four Sundays a month.
  • Instrumentalists assist at many of the weekly Masses, particularly through the Cecilia Scholars program.
  • The Children’s Choir (Grades K-6) singing at the 9:30 Mass one Sunday a month.
  • The Youth (Teen) Choir (Grades 7-12) sings at the 6pm Mass one Sunday a month.
  • Support Staff – dedicated people behind the scenes help make the music ministry run smoothly: clerical assistance includes sorting, filing, collating, and preparing mailings.

What are volunteers asked to do?

  • Cantors lead the assembly in song at all parish liturgical celebrations. They rehearse with the Music Director according to their individual schedules and needs. A pleasant, clear voice, the ability to stand in front of the assembly, and good presence are necessary.
  • Adult Choir meets on Tuesday evenings from 7:15 to 8:45 PM and sings at the 9:30 AM Mass on Sunday and at other important liturgies throughout the year. The ability to read music is helpful (but not required), and a love of music and liturgy is essential.
  • Instrumentalists – primarily guitar, woodwind, brass, and string player – embellish the music of the liturgy. Both regular and occasional rehearsals are necessary.
  • The Children’s Choir rehearses during the school day at the parish school. Rehearsal tracks are also provided by email to members that are not enrolled in the school, so that they may practice on their own and join the choir one Sunday a month for Mass.
  • Youth (Teen) Choir rehearses at 4:30pm before the 6pm Mass one Sunday per month. Rehearsal tracks are also provided by email to members, so that they may practice on their own.

How do I Join?

If you have talent and are interested in becoming involved and making a commitment to the Music Ministry at St. Katharine’s, contact the Director of Liturgical Music, Dr. Ted Latham, at musicdirector@sksparish.org or (610) 688-4584.

Ministers of Hospitaility

What is a Minister of Hospitality?

Parishioners of at least high school age may serve one Sunday each month, greeting and assisting parishioners and visitors.

What are volunteers asked to do?

  • Meet and Greet people at six doors at Saturday evening and Sunday Masses throughout the year.
  • Distribute hymn sheets before Masses and Church Bulletins after Masses.
  • Collect contributions for our parish and outside our parish.
  • Seat people when necessary.
  • Respond to questions and inquiries about our parish and its events.
  • Direct people to various places and events throughout the parish facilities.
  • Assist people in emergencies and those with special needs such as hearing aids and using the handicap elevator.
  • Volunteer for Christmas, Holy Week, Holy Days and other special Masses and events throughout the year.

How do I join?

The only requirement is the ability to project a friendly, helpful disposition. If you are interested, contact Canice Treangen at 610 525 3494.

Minister of the Word

Ministers of the Word are lay men and women who proclaim the Word of God at liturgies on the weekend and during the week. The ability to project one’s voice and to convey the meaning of scripture are desirable assets. A Lector will, typically, have one assignment every four weeks or so. A training program is conducted in September and October.

Please contact Craig Hadden, 610 688 0481 for more information or to join this ministry.