Youth and Young Adult

Encourage youth participation in all activities and provide for moral and spiritual growth.

Calling All Youths

Youth & Young Adults Ministry encourage youth participation in all activities; provide opportunities for moral and spiritual development; develop future leaders for the church of tomorrow; create an atmosphere that fosters mutual respect and encourages social awareness; and offer a loving, caring and safe environment in which to congregate and socialize.


Youth Ministry


St. Katharine’s Parish is a community striving to bring it’s youth closer to Jesus Christ. Youth ministry offers the teens in 7-8 grades (Junior High) and 9-12 (Senior High) opportunities in the three S’s: Service, Spiritual, and Social development.


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CYO Athletics

The St. Katharine of Siena CYO Athletic Board, serving in concert with the pastor, Monsignor Brouwers, has general responsibilities for the parish CYO sports program.


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Girl Scouts

Girls in grades 1-8 are invited to develop a sense of responsibility, commit themselves to the highest ideals, and live by and foster teamwork, so that they can learn to support and assist each other. Scout activities include crafts, community service projects and field trips, including camping.

For information, please contact:
Susan Diebold, 610 254 0898.

Boy Scouts

St. Katharine’s Boy Scout Troop 219 helps boys and young men of the parish develop character, leadership and fitness, as well as become good citizens. Activities and outings include camping, hiking, canoeing, skiing, etc.

For information, please contact:
Patrick Spellman
610 995 0503