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As Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, we all learn about Jesus and are encouraged to develop an intimate relationship with him.  We also learn about Jesus’ heavenly Father who sent Jesus into our midst to lead us back to God, our Father, who longs for us to join him forever in heaven.  And today, we celebrate his giving of the Holy Spirit.  As we hear in today’s readings, the Bible presents the introduction of the Holy Spirit on two occasions: on Easter day and on the Jewish Feast of Pentecost.

As […]

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The national pilgrimage leading up to the Eucharistic Congress is almost here!  As you will recall from my earlier articles, it will begin to pass through the Philadelphia area at the end of this month, coming from the Trenton Diocese on 30 May as it crosses over the Walking Bridge into Morrisville, PA, with a walking procession to Holy Trinity Church. The Pilgrimage will continue to St. John the Evangelist Church, Morrisville and St. Andrew Church, Newtown, before going to various churches in Philadelphia.  On Sunday […]

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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers of the parish and the mothers of all our parishioners!  We all know how important our mothers are to us as we grow up and so we join with our nation in honoring them today.  Mother’s Day is not part of the Church’s liturgical calendar.  In fact, liturgical directives state that “this secular observance must in no way diminish the primary focus of Sunday as the celebration of the paschal mystery.”  Yet, this national holiday allows an opportunity to reflect on the essential role […]

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This weekend and next, at the 5:00pm and 9:30am Masses, 80 of our parishioners will receive our Lord in Holy Communion for the first time!  This is a very important event in their faith lives as they now join with the rest of the believing community in participating fully in the Celebration of the Eucharist.  As the Catechism of the Catholic Church explains so clearly, Holy Communion is “our fellowship with Jesus and other baptized Christians in the Church, which has its source and summit in the celebration of the […]

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Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year B)

John 15:1 – 8


Last Sunday, we heard Jesus speak of himself as the Good Shepherd.  He used that image against the Jewish leaders, whom he, by inference, characterized as bad shepherds, mere hirelings who are in it for themselves.  He, on the other hand, was the Good Shepherd who “lays down his life for his sheep.”  This is the only occasion in the Gospel of John where Jesus uses a human image as an analogy for himself.


This Sunday, we hear Jesus speak of himself in one of the other images […]

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Change is in the air as winter reluctantly gives way to spring.  Change is also in the air at our school as we reluctantly prepare to say farewell to Sr. Mary Elizabeth Karalis, SSJ, our Director of Religious Education and Mrs. Adria Crowley, our school principal.  After serving so well as our Director of Religious Education and spiritual director for a number of our parishioners over the past 11 years, Sr. Mary Elizabeth Karalis, SSJ, has decided to retire.  Sister has been a strong presence both in our parish and […]

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