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Whether we like it or not, judgment is a fact of life.  That is true whether we are talking about the histories of nations or the events of our own personal life.  If we break the law – exceed the speed limit on the road, for example, – the law enforcement officer will judge us and give us a ticket.  If we eat or drink too much or live a lifestyle of constant stress then our bodies will judge us and we get sick.  We simply cannot escape judgment in […]

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Cecelia Scholar: Meghan Woodard

Meghan Woodard enjoys a rich career as an oboist, oboe professor and scholar based in the Greater Philadelphia area. Meghan is a sought-after orchestral and chamber musician on oboe, English horn, and Baroque oboe. She regularly performs with the Reading Symphony Orchestra, Symphony in C, the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, and is a member of Revolution Winds—an internationally-performing woodwind quintet known for musical activism and recent residencies at the Aruba Symphony Festival and Drexel University. Meghan currently holds positions as Professor of […]
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Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

On this, the last Sunday of the Church’s liturgical year, the Church calls us to reflect on the kingship of Jesus Christ.  It’s quite different from how we ordinarily think of a king.  Rather than a ruler who makes his power known over his subjects, our God is like a shepherd tending his flock.  As we hear in this Sunday’s first reading from the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, God will look after his sheep “as a shepherd tends his flock when he finds himself among his scattered sheep” (Ez […]

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Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus once told a story of a wealthy man who was preparing for a long journey. He called his three servants and divided his possessions among them, each according to their ability.

Why is life like that?  We are all equal in the eyes of God.  But when it comes to our abilities, we are as different as different can be.  God simply did not make us all the same.  Each of us is a unique, partial reflection of God.  And, depending on our talents – that is, the abilities he […]

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Did you know that there have been nine National Eucharistic Congresses here in the United States of America?  Many of us fondly recall the 41st International Eucharistic Congress that our archdiocese hosted in August of 1976.  It was a great boost to our faith and followed a long line of Eucharistic Congresses held around the world since the first one in Lille, France in 1881!  But, there have also been National Eucharistic Congresses – nine in all – beginning in 1895; the last one was in 1941.  And, you will […]

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As you may have noticed, I usually begin our Bible Study/Faith Sharing with the first reading and then review the Gospel; if there is time, I then reflect on the second reading.  I do this because the first reading is usually selected to prepare us for the principal message for the week which is found in the gospel.  This week, however, I would like to start with the second reading because it is through the lens of this reading that the other two readings make most sense.  As we approach […]

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As with any good book, the books of the Bible can only be fully understood if you read the whole book.  This past year, we have been privileged to hear much of one of these books, the Gospel of Matthew, and it’s important to recap some of the points made earlier in this Gospel to fully understand today’s passage.  Otherwise, it might seem as if the five wise virgins we heard about were being rather unchristian in not sharing their oil.  After all, doesn’t Jesus teach us to share?  So, […]

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