As we begin another season of Lent, our readings speak powerfully about temptation.  But, I’d like to first call your attention to the beginning of today’s first reading from the Book of Genesis where we hear a beautiful story of our creation.  Using three very touching images, we hear about God forming us out of the clay of the ground, breathing life into us and placing us into his lush, fruitful garden.  It’s a very endearing account.  We are invited to see God, the almighty creator of the universe, bend […]

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“Be holy, for I, the Lord, your God, am holy.”  “Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  Today’s readings, which present sermons from both Moses and our Lord, are very challenging, aren’t they?  The law of our land seems so often to be an expression of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” – but we hear our Lord, Jesus, tell us that this is not good enough.  He calls us to take no revenge and cherish no grudge against anyone.  We hear Moses […]

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It’s been a strange and unusually warm winter, hasn’t it?  With the exception of a few extraordinarily frigid days, it’s felt more like spring than winter.  Some of you may still be looking for that one, major snow storm but, ready or not, spring is fast approaching.  Liturgically, Lent – which means “spring” – is almost here; it starts this week with Ash Wednesday.  Just as the natural world is reawakened and renewed every spring, each year, the Church, in her wisdom, offers us this liturgical Season of Lent, a […]

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SKS CYO Spring Registration is Open. 

Please click here to register!   

2023 Spring Sports:  Baseball (5-8th grade), Softball (5-8th grade), Girls Lacrosse (5-8th grade), Track and Field (1-8th grade)

Please note: Practice and game days/times will be communicated by the coaches once registration is completed and teams are confirmed

If interested in coaching please contact the athletic director at

– SKS CYO Board

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“If you trust in God, you too shall live; he has set before you fire and water; to whichever you choose, stretch forth your hand.”  Of course, fire burns and destroys; water gives life.  Using this very powerful imagery, we hear Sirach in today’s first reading instruct the people of Israel – and us – to trust in God and keep his commandments, for they – and we – will be saved by doing so.  Before us are life and death, good and evil, Sirach says.  Whichever we choose shall […]

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“As often as you did it for one of my least brothers, you did it for me” (Mt 25:40). For the past 65 years, Catholic Charities Appeal has provided assistance for over 12 million people throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  As you can well imagine, this assistance is particularly important at this time while we all face the effects of ongoing inflation.  The needy are particularly affected as they struggle to feed their families, care for their aging parents and grandparents and educate their children with special needs in a […]

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Sirach 15:15 – 20 

We don’t often hear from the Book of Sirach.  It is always the first reading on the Feast of the Holy Family but, other than that, we only hear from this book two or three times over the course of the year.  It is one of the very last books of the Old Testament.  If you look in your Bible’s Table of Contents, you will find it listed under The Wisdom Books.  It is, in fact, an excellent example of Wisdom literature, filled with moral teachings. It […]

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As you can tell from the color of my face, I just returned last night from my annual winter get-away, much needed after the busy Christmas season here at our wonderful, very active parish.  While I was enjoying the sun at the beach in San Martin, I read a new biography of our patron saint, Catherine of Siena.  It’s an excellent, critically-written work by Don Brophy, a former editor of the Paulist Press.  I highly recommend it.  In it, you will read about the many metaphors that St. Catherine used […]

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