Would you guess that St. Katharine’s has almost 20 active ministries? Music, Bible Study, Walking with Purpose, Mercy Hospice, Youth Group, to name a few.
The primary goal of the Parishioner Engagement committee is, obviously, to involve more parishioners in activities at SKS. The first step has been to increase awareness of our existing ministries. Hopefully you have noticed more info about the mission and activities of different groups in Flocknote and the bulletin. The new “Ministry Corner” in the weekend email shines a spotlight on a specific ministry every two weeks, with an effort to highlight the group that hosts the monthly parish coffee. To get ready for the day of the coffee, the Parishioner Engagement team works with ministries to develop promotional materials, sign-up sheets and best practices to host a successful event. Be sure to stop by the coffee after the 9:30 Mass this Sunday to learn about Faithful Families and Mothers of Young Children!