For over 35 years Mercy Hospice has been offering temporary residential services to approximately 40 women and their young children. Residents receive three meals a day, case management, and other support services.

In addition, a hot meal is offered daily to 50-70 homeless women residing on the street, with similar support services as well as an opportunity to use a restroom and take a shower. As a result, Mercy Hospice serves hundreds of meals each week, and provides groceries for growing children and their families in transition.  Toiletries are needed to stock the much appreciated hot showers for the homeless. Under the guidance of Jerry and Kay Lafferty, St. Katharine’s has a generous history in providing casseroles and groceries to help the daily mission, as well as providing Christmas gifts through the Christmas tree program.

You can learn more about the Mercy Hospice services by clicking here.

This is a great opportunity for small groups or individuals who like to cook. Often one of the SKS support groups such as Boy Scouts, Youth Group, or the school will do a service project involving cooking and assembling casseroles.  In addition, cooking these simple recipes is a fun way to teach your children the joys of cooking and serving others.

At SKS we have 8 recipes for those who want to cook. It is important to have enough of a single type of dinner, so clients can be served the same item. Each month the requested recipe changes, and instructions will be found in the metal pans located outside the Aberdeen vestibule doors. Please use these pans as they stack nicely and have lids.

Please drop frozen casseroles off at the Parish Center door marked Mercy Hospice, located across from the church entrance. Typically these are taken down to the facility mid month. For more information please contact Jane Dwyer at (610-306-9171) or Jane Dooner at (610-505-1436).

Directions for Newcomers

Chicken Casserole

Ham & Cheese Supreme

Easy Chicken Divan

Chili Con Carne

Chicken Creole on Rice

Brunswick Stew on Rice

Hamburger Casserole

Meatballs & Sauce

Please consider donating the following items to Mercy Hospice. These foods have been requested by the chef; please only purchase from the list. Bulk size is most appreciated by the chef who cooks for 40 people at each meal!

Frozen Fish (raw or cooked filets)**
Frozen Chicken Breasts (raw or breaded/cooked)**
Frozen Lasagna, Macaroni and Cheese, or Chicken Enchiladas (party size)**
Canned Yams, Corn or Green Beans (“Costco” or family size cans)
Rice or Instant Potatoes (large boxes)
Individually wrapped snacks such as chips or granola bars

** Please be sure that frozen food remains frozen at all times. Frozen food that has thawed and then refrozen poses a health hazard.

Frozen items should be placed in the freezer in the parish center closet, located to the right of the parish center back door (you’ll see the sign).  Non-perishables can be dropped off in the church library.  Thank you!

School and parish groups may want to run a collection drive for certain types of items.  Please contact Jane Dooner or Jane Dwyer to find out what Mercy Hospice needs at that particular time.

For more information please contact

Jane Dwyer


Jane Dooner