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Deuteronomy 4:32 – 34, 39 – 40

God revealed himself to Adam and Eve, Noah and Abraham. And, he revealed himself by name to Moses and entered into a covenant relationship with Israel through him. In this Sunday’s reading from the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses enjoins the people to put their faith in God because he has demonstrated such great power for them.  The text we will hear on Sunday is part of a magnificent, comprehensive homily on the election of Israel.  It is one of the stylistic and theological highpoints […]

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On this, Pentecost Sunday, we come to the end of the Easter Season as we celebrate the birth of the Church and hear an exhortation of how we are to live as the Church.  Different readings are prescribed for the Vigil Mass than for the Mass on Sunday and that there are options for both sets of readings.  I will reflect on the readings for Sunday that I will use at the Masses I will celebrate.  I don’t know which readings Fr. Reilly will use, so don’t be surprised if […]

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Fifth Sunday of Easter (Year B)

John 15:1 – 8


Last Sunday, we heard Jesus speak of himself as the Good Shepherd.  He used that image against the Jewish leaders, whom he, by inference, characterized as bad shepherds, mere hirelings who are in it for themselves.  He, on the other hand, was the Good Shepherd who “lays down his life for his sheep.”  This is the only occasion in the Gospel of John where Jesus uses a human image as an analogy for himself.


This Sunday, we hear Jesus speak of himself in one of the other images […]

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Fourth Sunday of Easter (Year B)

Ordinarily during the Easter Season, I offer reflections on the Gospel first since the other two readings present the early Church after the Resurrection.  This week, however, I would like to begin with some reflections on the first reading since it includes an important Old Testament reference to Jesus and his mission among us.


Acts 4:8 – 12


This Sunday, we hear another portion of Peter’s speeches after curing the crippled man.  Last week, we heard a section of his speech to the Jewish people who had gathered around him after the […]

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Liturgy Experience: Children’s Mass

The Liturgy Experience committee has planned thoughtfully over the last two years to create a monthly Children’s Mass that engages parishioners of all ages. Children are involved throughout the service: as greeters at the church doors, cantors, in the choir and at the altar for an interactive, kid-friendly homily. Look for this special celebration of faith to resume in September.
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Cecelia Scholar: Steven Heitzer

Steven Heitzer, a native Philadelphian, is an active classical trumpet player in the tri-state area.  He is a member of Opera Philadelphia, Philadelphia Brass, Fairmount Brass Quartet, Bach Festival Orchestra of BethlehemReading Symphony, & Ocean City Pops Orchestra.  He is also a frequent performer with Delaware Symphony, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Ballet Orchestra, Lancaster Symphony, & the Walnut Street Theatre.

Steve’s many performing […]

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Parishioner Engagement: Successful Parish Coffee for Music Ministry

The SKS Music Ministry hosted a successful Parish Coffee on February 18! Parishioners of all ages filled the parish center after the 9:30 Mass for coffee, doughnuts and a service project sponsored by the Faithful Families ministry. Laura Kerr, our choir director, did a wonderful job highlighting the music ministry; she arranged for speakers at Mass and had choir members mingling with the coffee crowd, ready to answer questions. The choir signed 10 new members that day!
The Pastoral Plan’s Parishioner Engagement committee […]
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Exodus 20:1 – 17

Last Sunday, we heard of God’s test for Abraham after he had made a covenant with him.  This follows the reading from the First Sunday of Lent, in which we heard about the covenant that God made with Noah and his descendents.  This week, we hear the commandments that God gives to his people at Mt. Sinai as part of that covenant. We read about the ratification of the covenant and Moses going up Mt. Sinai in chapter 24; let’s read that first to prepare us for […]

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Parishioner Engagement: SKS at the Movies: Cabrini Sunday, March 10 at 1:30PM KOP United Artist Theater

Cabrini tells the inspiring story of Mother Francesca Cabrini, an Italian immigrant who fought to improve lives of the marginalized in the United States. Following her death, the tenacious nun was made the first American saint. Cabrini University was named after her.
Let’s go to the movies! We are encouraging SKS parishioners to see Cabrini at the Regal in King of Prussia on March 10 at the 1:30pm matinee. Bring your families and friends so we can fill the theater!
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SKS CYO Spring Registration is up and running!

Hi All

SKS CYO Spring Registration is up and running! Please see the note at the bottom of this message for updates about changes to how the baseball JV and Varsity seasons will be run. If interested in coaching any sport this season, please contact Jim Sharkey at jshark672@yahoo.com.

Please note: Practice and game days/times will be communicated by the coaches once registration is completed and teams are confirmed.

Please use this link for registration: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/413240

2024 Spring Sports

Track and Field (1st-8th grade)

1. Cadet – Born in 2009 or 2010; on or after […]

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