Do you know one sign of a vibrant parish? The sight and sounds of young families at Mass. Children are always welcomed at St. Katharine’s, but taking care of them in church can be stressful for parents, and makes it difficult to focus on the Word of God. The Pastoral Plan’s Liturgy Experience committee understands this and, with the help of Mothers of Young Children and Faithful Families, has put together baskets of quiet toys for families to borrow during Mass. The baskets are located in the Lancaster Avenue vestibule and both side doors. The toys are all kid and church-friendly: books, stuffed animals, felt and bendable toys. Please choose one on the way into Mass and return it at the end. There are disinfectant wipes in the baskets for cleaning; they’ll also be thoroughly clean on a regular basis. These baskets are another sign of the Pastoral Plan in action!