Lately, the Parishioner Engagement committee has been eyeing coffees as a way to grow parish ministries. The committee has identified three components of a successful parish coffee: food and beverages, a committed ministry host and a service activity for the children. Each ministry receives a new tip sheet, created by the parishioner engagement team, on “How to Host a Successful Parish Coffee” with suggestions for soliciting food, finding volunteers, quick set-up, clean-up, etc. The sheet also emphasizes ways the ministry can use the coffee to promote itself, its mission, activities and attract new members. The third piece, having a simple service project, keeps the children busy and, in turn, the parents happy because they can socialize for a few minutes; thank you to Faithful Families for providing these creative activities.  Using these three strategies at their recent coffees, the Evangelization and Music Ministries were successful at sharing info about their groups and signing up new people.
If your ministry would like to host or co-host a parish coffee, please contact Kim O’Neill at or 610-688-4584.