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Our archdiocese was blessed this past March by the episcopal ordination of three of our priests:  Reverend Keith J. Chylinski, Reverend Christopher R. Cooke and Reverend Efren V. Esmilla.  They, along with Bishop John J. McIntyre, are now the auxiliary bishops to Archbishop Nelson Pérez and assist him in the administration of our archdiocese which comprises five counties (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia), an area covering 2,202 square miles with a total population of 4.2 million, of which 1.6 million are Catholic.  There are 214 parishes served by 241 […]

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“For when I am weak, then I am strong.”  What a curious statement for Paul to make – we hear it at the end of today’s second reading.  Sometimes, St. Paul can sound like an insufferable know-it-all or a proud braggart.  In today’s reading, however, we encounter a real sense of humility as we hear him speak of a thorn in the flesh that had been given to him.  He doesn’t elaborate, doesn’t tell us what that “thorn in the flesh” is, and theologians have been speculating ever since what […]

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My father was a captain of the Dutch Merchant Marines.  Unlike the Marines we’re familiar with in this country as a branch of our military forces, the Dutch Merchant Marines is a private, commercial enterprise that trains officers for the Dutch merchant ships.  When we moved here to America, his expertise in seafaring led him to be employed by the Insurance Company of North America where he worked in its marine department.  His job was to travel around the world and inspect ships and their cargo after they had been […]

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Every week, when I review the Sunday collection, I find myself feeling both relieved and concerned.  I’m relieved that, unlike many other parishes, our Sunday collection income has remained steady through the pandemic and beyond.  At the same time, I’m concerned that it hasn’t kept pace with inflation.  According to the US Inflation Calculator, the consumer price inflation rose 21.6% between January 2020 and May 2024.  Just like you in your household or business, we have experienced this increase in so many of our regular expenses.  As a result, the […]

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Update on Our School and its Board of Limited Jurisdiction



As another very exciting year comes to an end at our school, I would like to offer an update for everyone; there’s lots of news to share.  As was announced just last week, Adria Crowley, who led our school over the past two years in many new and innovative ways, has resigned to tend to ongoing health issues.  I’m sure you join me in assuring her of our prayers.  Jeanne Mulvanerty, a longtime parishioner whose four children attended our school and […]

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Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

As I work in my rectory office which has a large window facing Aberdeen Avenue, I’m sometimes distracted by bright red, yellow, black and blue flashes as cardinals, finches, starlings and blue jays fly from the tops of the trees across the street and swoop down to feed on the grass and shrubs in front of the rectory.  It reminds me of today’s first reading from the prophet Ezekiel, where we hear God foretell the growth of a great nation using the image of a shoot that he will take […]

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