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St. Martin de Porres Parish Visit

We’re happy to have Fr. Addisalem Mekonnen, the pastor of our sister parish, St. Martin de Porres, join us at all of our Masses next weekend and present the homily as we continue our 42-year tradition of sharing our faith with our sister parish.  And, as they have done for many years, members of St. Martin de Porres parish will lead us in song at the 5:00pm Vigil Mass.  This year, their men’s choir, God’s Men, will be here to lead us in lively song!  We will then host them […]

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Third Sunday of Easter

I hope you had an opportunity to view the solar eclipse last Monday.  Despite the partial cloud cover, it was quite interesting as the moon slid over the sun, leaving just a banana-shaped illumination.  The temperature dropped as the sky darkened in an unusual way.  As I enjoyed this rare event, I was reminded, once again, of the wonder of God’s creation. 

Another wondrous sign of God’s creation is nature springing back to its glory after lying dormant over the winter.  I hope you’re paying attention to the beauty unfolding […]

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The Sacrament of Confirmation

“Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.”  At the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday, I confirmed three new adult parishioners with the imposition of hands and the anointing of the forehead.  Last Saturday, Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez confirmed 77 of our young parishioners who attend our school or PREP.  And, that same evening, I confirmed another new adult parishioner who was unable to join us at the Easter Vigil.  This completed the initiation of all of these parishioners into the Church, which began at Baptism and was nurtured […]

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“Peace be with you.”  Three times in today’s Gospel, we hear the risen Lord assure his disciples with these comforting words: “Peace be with you.”  And, although this greeting of peace, “Shalom,” was a common expression among the Jewish people of his day – as it still is today – it had taken on a much deeper meaning for the followers of Jesus who had just gone through three days filled with anything but peace.  It made them remember our Lord’s words of encouragement to them just a few days […]

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Again, allow me to wish all of you a joyous Easter with a hopeful message for all of us believers.  Christ is risen! Alleluia!  These are the victorious words we shout with gusto on this greatest of all feast days.  This is a celebration of moving from doubt to belief, from fear to faith, from death to life.  Our readings present the strong faith that the earliest followers of Jesus expressed as they spread the Good News of our salvation in the risen Lord.  In today’s first reading, we hear […]

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Over these past three days, we have participated in something most unusual – in fact, absolutely unique in the history of humanity.  God, the almighty, the creator of the universe and all that is in it, the maker of light and darkness, life and death, has died in his human form.  As we recite in the Nicene Creed every Sunday, “for our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate, he suffered death and was buried.”  Every Good Friday, silence envelopes the earth as it contemplates this terrible reality.  We have […]

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Alleluia!  This Easter proclamation that we repeat over and over again during the joyful Easter Season has a powerful meaning, one that we should all know and embrace.  It is a combination of two Hebrew words: “hallelu” (the plural imperative of “hallel”) which means “praise” and “jah,” the first half of the Hebrew word for God, Yahweh.  So, it literally means “everyone praise God!”  We should praise God always because of all the good he does for us every moment of our lives.  But Easter is the time for us […]

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