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How many of you have known someone who seemed to be lost in his/her life, may even have done something seriously wrong, and then, one day, declared they have turned their life around, claiming that they have “found Jesus.”  I’ve heard a number of people tell me that.  My first reaction is to thank God! That is the very definition of “repent and believe!” And while some may be skeptical, it is remarkable to see how God can work in someone’s life.  In fact, it’s good for us as Christians […]

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As we prepare to celebrate Labor Day next weekend, I’m sure many of you are planning a get together with family or friends.  And, for most of us, that will include a meal – a barbeque, picnic or dinner.  How fitting for us to hear about Jesus in today’s gospel at a meal.  Jesus is the guest at a fancy dinner.  His host is a leading Pharisee; a person with great status in the Jewish community.   And, he has invited some friends to dinner to meet this newest celebrity in […]

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Every year, you are invited and encouraged to join with all of the parishes throughout our archdiocese in participating in the annual Catholic Charities Appeal and every year you respond with great generosity!  Although there are 60 parishes in the archdiocese with more parishioners than we have, only one or two parishes contribute more than we do to this very important appeal which provides a variety of services to people throughout our archdiocese.  To date, your contributions to CCA total $107,932, 71% of our $152,390 goal for […]

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“Jesus said to his disciples: ‘I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!’” (Lk 12:49) we hear our Lord teach us in today’s gospel.  As Jesus was sent by his heavenly Father to “set the earth on fire” so he has sent all of us followers to share his saving mission with the whole world.  We recognize our missionary mandate – to make disciples of all nations – to be our primary task; every other work we do flows from it.

Next […]

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Due to its ongoing success here, the Bethlehem Carving Group will be returning, once again, to give us a taste of Christmas next weekend.  It was originally planned for the end of July but scheduling conflicts led to its postponement to next week!  Those of you who have visited our parish center when they have been here in the past know that the Bethlehem Carving Group offers a wide variety of beautiful olive wood carvings and other products for sale.  I have invited the Bethlehem Carving Group to set up […]

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In just a few weeks, Pope Francis is scheduled to preside over a consistory for the creation of 21 new cardinals.  This was announced in May and was a great surprise to most familiar with the operation of the Vatican.  After all, the Vatican offices are practically closed down in August for the annual Ferragosto, the vacation time taken by many Romans during this, the hottest month of the year.  The last time a cardinal was made in August was in 1807 when Pope Pius VII created Francesco Guidobono Cavalchini […]

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