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Welcome to my annotated commentary on Sunday’s readings.  The purpose of my commentary is to give you the background for each reading, a little better understanding of its message and the message that all of the Sunday readings together provide us.  I hope you find it helpful!


Please note that this will be my last commentary until September; have a great summer!  John 14:23 - 29 Last Sunday, we heard the prologue to John’s Last Supper Discourses, in which the new commandment – to love one another – was introduced.  This Sunday, we hear a portion of the first Last Supper Discourse.  It appears to be a continuation of last week’s presentation on love.  As you will see in your footnote, most scholars consider the section of 13:31 – 17:26 to be Johannine compositions, modeled on farewell [...]


John 10:27 - 30 This Sunday, we hear a portion of the beautiful, symbolic presentation of Jesus known as the Good Shepherd.  Of course, we do not hear Jesus refer to himself in these terms this Sunday; that happens earlier (cf. 10:14).   The verses we hear on Sunday are part of his discourse against the Pharisees. The good shepherd discourse continues the theme of attack on the Pharisees that ends John 9.  We will recall the account of the man born blind whom Jesus cured.  In this account, we see [...]


Isaiah 43:16 - 21 On the first Sunday of Lent, we heard Moses recall the power of God leading the people to Egypt and then out of Egypt into the Promised Land.  On the Second Sunday, we heard of God making a covenant with Abraham, in which he promised him that land.  On the Third Sunday, we heard the powerful story of God revealing himself to Moses in the desert, telling Moses that he is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Last Sunday, we heard Joshua recall the time [...]


We have reached the Fourth Sunday of Lent, also known as Laetare Sunday.  Like Gaudete Sunday in Advent, we rejoice this Sunday because Lent is almost over.  The Entrance Antiphon, which we will not hear because we will sing an Entrance Chant, begins with “Rejoice, Jerusalem, and all who love her.  Be joyful, all who are mourning; exult and be satisfied at her consoling breast.”  This short passage from the prophet Isaiah (cf. 66:10-11) sets the stage for today’s celebration.  In both the first reading from the Book of Joshua [...]


Exodus 3:1 – 8a, 13 – 15 We are in the middle of Lent, our annual time of retreat.  We are called, once again, to take a look at how our life reflects what we believe in God.  And, as we will see in this Sunday’s readings, as we come to know God, we are called to action.  We also bow down in humility and gratitude before a God who is generous beyond our understanding, always ready to forgive as he continues to call us back to him.   Let’s [...]


Deuteronomy 26:4 - 10   This past Wednesday, we embarked again on the journey of Lent, a journey toward Easter.  This Sunday, as we begin the season of Lent, we hear Moses recall the various stages of Israel’s journey: Jacob’s migration to Egypt, and the events surrounding the original Passover.  It then concludes with the ritual prescribed to thank God who has blessed the people Israel in their journey as it recalls both God’s care for his people in providing them with food for another year and the Passover.  It [...]

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